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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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tomorrow, willis report is coming up next, we'll see you back here tomorrow. gerri: hello, i am gerri willis, tonight on the willis report, deadline for obamacare exchange ticks closer, latest bomb to go off children left without coverage. >> also, standoff in congress over budget amid talk of a shut down. former top economic advisor to george w. bush is here, from chrysler to twitter, the big companies that want to go public, we watch out for you tonight on the willis report. gerri: tonight's top story obamacare's unintended
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consequences leaving kids out in the cold, a glitch buried deep in the laws of the 13,000 pages, threatens to leave a half million kids without coverage, this just one of many facing our nation's families, time is running out for if administration to fix them all. on october 1, joining me now art pedic surgery professor at duke university, and senior fellow at manhattan unstute, doctor, i will start with you, explain this glitch to us, what is going on. >> so, it is known as a family glitch. what is happened is the way that law was wrote en. -- written, rememberer mandated insurance is written to conservative the employees, not the spouse or family, if an employer decides to just cover the employee, the family can go uncovered. so the employer has an
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opportunity to decide to go to the exchanges. however if they go to the exchanges they do not get subsidies available to them, because they were eligible for employer-based insurance. gerri: bottom line, half million kids could go without can of coverage even bill clinton said this is a big mistake, and apologized. >> it is not fair. the policy but it is not clear to me based on what i can determine that anyone intended this. if it is only unintended consequence of the law, they did a pretty good job but this has got to be fixed. it is not fair. gerri: you say maybe it can't be fixed? >> 4 million people are affected by this glitch, we can estimate
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about 4 million. the work from an economist at cornell of the university of indiana that first raised this concern in 2011, i wrote did it at the time, average insurance plan costs federal government 36 billion a year, that is too much money. gerri: to fix, you say tooic penceive. you know the number of stories, coming out today, and well frankly for last month or so, about the problems with obamacare, "wall street journal" today reporting that big health insurers like etna say in their -- aetna in their advertising to consumers, you better sign up now, if you don't prices are going way up, what is that about? >> i think that is really more about a marketing, scare tactic, we know that for the most part the insurance policies and premiuming th the the -- will i.
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>> yo you don't believe that is true necessarily? what do you believe to be the case, is it marketing? >> i do not agree with the way that "wall street journal" framed story, a lot of insurers making customers aware of if you sign up for insurance afternoon january 1st your rates go up a lot. but if before january 1st, you can avoid a lot of those rate increases for next 12 months, they are trying to do their customers a favor, there may be a small mi minority who l benefit from the exchanges. gerri: speaking of rising prices report "forbes" average cost for a family will go ups there are $74 no74,000 bucks each year in the wake of obamacare. what do you tell them?
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>>well, i think that biggest thing is that people are very scared about the uncertainty, and part of issue is no one knows what is going to happen, administration has done a poor job of educating the public at link, a lot of patients come in asking how much does this cost? in last 3 years, patients are focused on costs, and they are very cost sensitive. and to be honest, some patients opting on having surgeries now, than waiting till later because they do not know what is happening later on. gerri: to you, the doctor said that, people are saying, we don't know what to expect. we're confused. is that the fault of the administration? or what is going on here? is this 10,000 pages, of regulations is just too much for the average consumer to figure
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out? >> people will have to figure out, not 74,000 is is 7400-dollars over a night year period, total increase spending over that period, divide by total population. so it is a sympcasion of what is going on some will benefit from subsidies taxpayers have a higher tax burden. gerri: tax payers with a higher pax burden, we do not know where the cost is going ultimately, a huge intitlement program. people will go for the free money, who knows what is going to happen, we know some software packages do not work right, doctor, i want to talk to but this idea that we talked about last week, that you know some networks will be small, you will not have your choice of doctor, your doctor may not be in the
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insurance exchange that you want. what are people going to find? worse care? we implemented this new law now care is worse than it was? >> well, i think what will happen is a few things, people will notice there are some dramatic changes, there may be limitations not only to the physicians you see but also services, you may not after surgery be able to get as much physical therapy as you could one or two years ago, that could impact your outcome, and the success of the surgery, we'll figure ttis out as we go through the process, i have patients who come me, saying they are not able to follow-up with their physicians they had for over 10 years because the new policies do not allow them to see those physicians they had relationships with for years. >> i don't have a problem with a fact there are narrow networks under the law this is a voluntary situation, government
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is not forcing -- >> that is your choice? >> that results in lower prudentialiums, consume -- premiums, consumer want lower premiums. gerri: worse care? >> not necessarily. gerri: i want you to respond, obama and clinton meeting today to push health care law, here is the president. >> let's face it, it has been political this whole obamacare thing. so what you had is a unprecedented effort that you have seen ramp up over the last month or so. in which those who opposed the idea of universal healthcare in the first place, and fought this tooth and nail through congress and the courts and so forth, are have been trying to scare and discourage people from getting a good deal.
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gerri: is the president getting picked on? >> the law is the law, it has the force of the law, reason why obama care will succeed or fail is because federal government is implements the vast majority of the law, it is either work able or not. >> mix of both. gerri: okay. and doctor, what do you say, workable? >> i think we don't have a chase, we have to make it workable we'll need innovation to make this as workable as possible but it will be different from what we have today. gerri: and maybe some magic it will take a lot. thank you so much for coming on the show, interesting stuff. we'll know when we know, next week when people sign up for those exchanges. now we want to know what you think, our question, do you think that insurers will try to abto think obamacare -- to sabotage obamacare?
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log to. as we've been talking about all next week, we'll bring you a user's guide to obamacare as the exchanges go live tuesday, we answer your obamacare questions including who has to sign up. all of that answered next week. we have more this hour, some must-hear advice before buys your next car. >> 6 days and counting before the government is set to shut down? has congress really done it this time. larry lindsey, coming up next. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
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no hidden fees. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist?
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dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. gerri: it's that time of year, government hurdles toward a shut down. this is be as usual in washington, this lawmaker's fight to better end before likely fictioning the problem. -- fixing the problem. joining me now lawrence lindsey. why lower simp her taxes really
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are better, are america's best hope for recovery, larry welcome to the show, great to have you here. we just got done talking about obamacare, republicans in congress trying to de fund it karl rove saying this is a bad idea. >> we have to do something to get through debt and deficit, we have to find a way of paying for the government, the deficit. a way to make sure that government can write checks. the debt, some some way of improving government policy, make the country run better. that is what they are negotiating, that is when obamacare comes in, republicans are focused on obamacare starting january 1st, this is a program that is not going to work, when they passed this in 2009, harry reid called his committee chairman in his office 2:00 a.m. the day before christmas break, said guys, we have to pass a bill before we go
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away before christmas, they passed this. no one thought it would become law. they thought it would conference with the house. >> that is not what happened. >> that is not what happened, democrats lost. the bill that no one thought would become law now is the law, all kinds of glitches that we were talking about, they are still there now one bothered to fix them. gerri: but it is also the cost, a new entitlement program, i can't imagine where the cost on this to taxpayers will go, when you offer free money to people. >> you are offering it to companies, you tell a company, look, you are not paying 8,000 to cover your employee. dump them on, changes pay $2,000 tax. right, that is 6,000 in the company a pocket. they can hand some to the employee, right? still bring them all to bottom line, that is why we a ibm, and
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time warner cut the retirees, dump them on exchanges, last week home depot said new employees were going on the exchanges, the home depot plan you are supposed to keep the plan you have but not so much. gerri: i want to move you to another topic that i have to ask you about. larry summers, how the administration sort of dumped him as their candidate to run the fed, what do you make of that? >> they wanted larry, i went to graduate school with him, he is smart, he would have been. qualified to be fed chairman, i think that president and the west wing wanted someone that worked with them at the fed, that offended the fed's sense of little bipolitical independencet
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larry has other issues, and members of congress look as how the president was wounded on the syria issue by putin, saying you know maybe he is not such the guy, they pushed the president to not nominate summers. i think that is what happened. i think that president stood with him for a long time, his choice, but in the end he could not carry it. gerri: could not carry it and you know, we talked about federal reserve they said their estimate are in gdp next year is 2.8%, i look at that, i think, when are we going to get real economic growth. you talk about economic growth in your book, and benefit of cutting taxes, what would you say to people today. >> well, we have been fiddling with taxes now every congress. problem is we fiddled, and fiddled, and fiddled. and now the tax system is
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unrecognizable, irs estimates we may $350 billion to collect those taxes, our total collection is 1.6 trillion to collect a dollar taxes to move from you to the government we fork over additional 20-cent ofs in compliance for the privilege, this cost a buck 20 to move a dollar is not efficiency, we need to move away from income-based tax system, which is way too complicated. there is a say on woo wall stre, cash is a fact, income is an opinion. they are coming up with an opinion about what your income is. i want to move to a cash base tax system, cash flow that money that comes in if you are an individual, april 15 under this
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sim system will be just -- under this system will be just another day. all taxes will be paid at business level. we don't have to worry about whether a capital gain or interest it is simple. that is it. gerri: larry thank you. >> my pleasure. gerri: it is great to meet you, and our viewers are interested on your comments for taxes, thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: and coming up, how paypal is becoming a new option for small, we answer the question, how do you do that? ways to avoid the car buying gotchas the next time you head to the dealership, coming up.
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gerri: car buying going into overtime, how to avoid those gotchas that dealerships love to you in 60 seconds.
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>> car buying is in high gear for the first time since recession, and dealerships puts out every gotcha they can to squeeze us, here is joining us lauren fix the car coach. you are in buffalo, we start with financing. i have to buy a car. is it best to take the deal a dealership gives you or should get financing elsewhere. >> i doubt a car myself -- a bought a car myself, i did the same thing everyone does, i can't to credit union, and
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checked. if you are going police you have to go through the dealership, but the credit union had a great rate, check with it if you are a member of military credit union they offer discounted rates. gerri: you have to search. so, you say, look at independent web sites to find all incentives and discounts available. isn't the guy selling me the car going to tell me that? >> well, sometimes, you know they come up all of the time, you might see something that shows up today that was not there before, they notice a vehicle was not selling the rate they would like, that is when you use your advantage web site like true, and edmonds and auto trader, a ton of sites but go to manufacture a web site, if you look at buying a honda go to handa usa, and -- honda usa, and bmw the same thing, whatever it might be, don't think it is a high-end cash or a kia they sell lot,
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everyone wants to get rid of 2013s use that incentive to your advantage, whether the money or the discounted interest rate, you will find the discounted interest rate rif to your advan. gerri: these days i feel that start of school year of start of the auto year, when is the old year over and new year beginning? the industry? >> it was a line in the sand, you would see cars stop producing in june, they retool, next year in september, but there is now like a whole shift, i see cars coming out 2 2014, tt driving in january and march, i am test driving them now hitting show floors, we get a taste of what is out there and what is coming in there are following year, you are seeing now is 2013
6:26 pm
on lots, that is where the deals are, 2014s are coming in on tractotractor trailers they neee parking spots, don't pay retail, i don't care if it a 2014. gerri: you are talking about discounts but i want that extended warranty, some extras it buy? what do you recommend? >> be aware of those little warranties, tire for life, rust-proofing all those goodies, you have to be i have tall careful much is already included, i do not recommend a extended warranty, especially outside of the manufacturing waterty. i have friends that drive 100,000-miles a year, when you
6:27 pm
drive a vehicle that could be high maintenance like a luxury vehicle, you may consider it, but it better be from the family not an out -- factory not an outside company. gerri: so, do you trade in oil car at the deal -- old carat dealer or somewhere else? >> that is a real good question, i make them separate transactions, get price for car negotiate then ask your 4 discount, discounts come from manufacturer not dealer, on other side looking at selling used car, there is a tax credit for trading that car in today it. find out whether the car is worst on our -- what the car is worth on your own, with blue book, and other web sites get that next then you can say now i have this two separate transactions if i trade the car in i get a tax credit. for if your state does not allow for, that sell the vehicle separately at a really good rate, car better be clean, and
6:28 pm
maintain it. >> tax credit? is that where we're getting oil cars off the -- old cars off the road? >> no, for argument's sake you are buying a $20,000 car, and our old vehicle is worth $10,000, you get a $10,tax credit, you pay sales tax on that $10,000. you really have to look at numbers, some states don't that this. you have to know your state's tax laws, that is only way you get a discount, many times best to sell on-line, ebay, i sell vehicles on ebay motors all of the time. gerri: so many options thank you, lauren. always great to have you here. appreciate it. >> yes. thank you. gerri: well, later in the show, a new rash of ipos proving there is an uneven playing field on wall street, we talk about, that details, stay with us.
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(announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. >> there is a growing backlash against voluntary national league education standards are common court. the effort to make them more uniform is raising alarms across the country. our chief political correspondent breaks down the facts. >> just asking tough questions got this father of two grade schoolers yeager doubt and arrested. >> do your research. >> a common core of voluntary standards work developed a decade ago some states signed up with little controversy then 2009 obama
6:33 pm
started as the unpaid with the race to the top education program if they adopted a common core standards. now 45 states have them in some fear they are taking over control of local education with one-size-fits-all to hold kids back. >> having one standard moving someplace you have a very big threat of a government taking over education. >> they argue schools and teachers still set the curriculum in common for insurers that they be defined benchmarks. >> recollected is a different issue the standards are the basic expectations that they should know fractions in third grade should not space to state. >> obamacare defended the common course. >> insurers every and person in america to be prepared
6:34 pm
for the jobs that will exist in the 21st century. >> former indiana governor and florida governor on hand for the remarks others have backed common core. >> we're doing common court in new jersey and we will continue. >> it is not going over with parents across the country least nine states have efforts under way to repeal and more are considering it. gerri: interesting. after the financial crisis businesses have scaled back significantly the more alternative expensive blunder has surfaced now pay powell has a low-cost lending program for those who already use their service. we have a workplace attorney , the madison. how do these work? >> e essentially what pay
6:35 pm
paul is doing is looking at the previous history from people they worked with in deciding whether or not to invite them to enjoy the pay pell working capital to allow small businesses to request a loan and return it back what they're doing is taking a percentage of the revenue to get a small fee that encompasses the process gerri: instead of getting the interest-rate with the bank and you have to pay interest but instead you pay a percentage of the revenue and you choose that. and tell what would be the interest rate is paid back. pate house says this is a low-cost alternative. do you believe that? >> it does depend if you are the small business or a big business but for small
6:36 pm
businesses you can imagine banks have various fees also a credit history and you may have a higher interest-rate with returning the funds but with paper towel -- paypal you cannot determine your percentage that means it is confident you will make revenue in be able to return the fee. then it may be to your benefit. gerri: it is a system that is like a fake wall at you can use it as an individual or as the company if it is as a company people can pay you electronically so the fact they see these transactions they know if you are a good credit and the money coming in so they can analyze if you can pay back the many. we have seen a lot of models for lending purposes only
6:37 pm
makes sense because of what has been going on with the banks? they have been very stingy. >> yes. what pate pal is doing is using the current customers to maintain those relationships it is important when it comes to businesses but banks our wary to let out loans and if your online and don't have a lot of money to pay for expenses if you do generate $20,000 that is not enough for the big banks' loan you could get a small amount to pay for that in then be able to return at. gerri: we appreciate it. think you for your time. when we come back countered $100 and 2,000.
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wheeler looking at some of the big companies going public and wendy you get to invest? stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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seven the federal reserve is looking into heavy trading of gold futures the central bank is worried head may be a result of market sensitive information. you have heard that before this senior washington correspondent peter barnes joins me now. >> the fed is asking a news organization how they have a policy statement released last wednesday at 2:00 eastern when it concluded the latest policy meeting.
6:42 pm
the fed announced it would not start dying down the stimulus program now a data and research company is wondering if there was a high-speed computer traders that were not crazy when they executed trades 11,000 of the second after the release of that statement here in washington. then wondering if news organizations, and many of them including fox business business, including becoming get the two page statement sometimes it is longer than minutes ahead of time in the press lock but behind closed doors with our computers and devices powered down to let the statement over to make sure we understand a and can report accurately that the release time. when we go into the lock up we signed a statement promising we will make no public use of the
6:43 pm
information before the embargo but it says the futures trading data from last wednesday's suggest some traders in chicago got the information and in fewer than seven milliseconds giving them the unfair advantage because it takes at least seven milliseconds milliseconds, yes they time this out from the headlines to travel from washington to chicago some may have pushed the information out of the lock up to the editors when they powered back up to get ready to set up the story. maybe editors pre-position on computer servers in chicago. now they say the market reaction to the fomc news on the 18th came earlier the and physically possible due to the speed of light. but the fed says news
6:44 pm
organizations receiving the information from the federal reserve agreed in writing to make no public use until the time set for release it is having follow-up conversations to ensure the procedures are complete. gerri: that for the high-frequency traders. thank you for coming on. from high-frequency traders to stock traders over 60 companies have raised $13 million is six years. chrysler is offering shares to a new now is the president of call baum capital management and its gary kaltbaum. average total return 21% to.
6:45 pm
@%at is the likelihood more middle -- mere mortals can get a piece of the action? >> [laughter] if it is too hot the average investor will not get any if it is lukewarm maybe if it is cold you can get all you want. the best and biggest clients get the hot ipo. gerri: you remember facebook take a look at that stack -- stock chart he would have been hater -- better off buying later coming getting in july and waiting. what should investors do? hoping to get in? >> see you have to wait for
6:46 pm
it to open and looked at the valuation right now the auto stocks are very strong so chrysler stock will go up decently and facebook is on fire so twitter will do will also you have to check out the market. gerri: isn't the reality the first day pop goes from there? then they get the usual people and then at a worse price? >> it depends on market conditions but quite often it is 50 than three months later $35. just a you know, i saw one company last week with a 100 million in sales 2.5 billion dollars market cap at the ipo and doubled trading at 50 times sales
6:47 pm
soviets in the atmosphere where valuation does not count. so buyer beware. gerri: pick your poison. and groupon is down 54%. it is up 156 percent bluenose we were dealing with. it goes to the investment bankers to give shares to their best friends it is a club that should be broken up by a belief. that the individual of testers to be a part of the party. >> nothing will change. talk about being a more fair and level playing field so expected to change but there is one thing the investor has that is the ability to
6:48 pm
uts check things out major the company is growing. i said a lot of this for free and they are gains but then they were hit. just make sure it is a growing business ben you will be okay. gerri: are they growing? of the growing the topline? senate that is a lot of work good to talk to you. $100 bills are rolled out next month we will talk about that coming up.
6:49 pm
thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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gerri: a new high-tech $100 bill is set to come all but could that be worth a thousand? joining us now, think you for coming on the show in your aid money collector what is so special about this $100 bill? >> we have a pianist security features. influx not like anything that has ever been before. gerri: i don't understand how could win a dollars be worth more than 100?
6:53 pm
>> some of these have interesting serial numbers if you found a number one it is probably worth 10 or 15,000 if you saw one, one, too, three, four, five, six, seven, or eight it is worth a collector. gerri: is this just $100 bills? >> all denominations. everything. gerri: how do i trade these? if i get this in my hand with the right serial number where do i go sell at? >> you can start at cool serial or ebay there are some links on my website to currency dealers and auction houses that will run an auction. gerri: a lot of places if you want to cash in. if you hold they have cnc
6:54 pm
serial number categories? help me understand what it means. >> phone-number ears -- lower numbers like 000-0001 or the high ones starting with 99999999 is valuable radar reads this a minute left to right as right to love. those are worth about to the $5 on a $1 fellthose of our repy with the sequence repeated here we are showing 82118211. how hard is it to get your hands on one of these? >> the odds of finding one that is more than face value
6:55 pm
is better than one out of 5,000 it is like playing the lottery. the jackpot is not as big but the odds of winning are a lot better and it doesn't cost anything to plaa. gerri: have you come across these yourself? >> not yet. they will be released early october. >> we really appreciated. we will be right back.
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so ally bank really has no hidden fno hidden fees.accounts? it's just that i'm worried about yoknow "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... hey daddy, what's your job? daddy's a uhh florist. are you really a florist? dad, why are there shovels in the trunk? there's no shovels in my trunk. i see shovels... you don't see no shovels. just am. well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. no hidden fees, no worries. that's nice. ally bank. your money needs an ally. gerri: report out today face at consumers are being tricked into signing up for their current insurance plan. you think that they are trying to sabotage obamacare? we asked the question on fifty-one said yes, 41% said no. log onto from unquestionably weekday. finally, it is all coming home
6:59 pm
to roost with obamacare. nancy pelosi's claim that we will know what is in obamacare once congress passes it, the promises that you can keep your doctor and health care and insurance that will bend the cost curve, promises, promises, promises. here's what we have come a laudable boost health care costs $7500, a law that has the industry in turmoil and insurers fighting for customers, threatening that insurance costs will rise of the don't sign up right now. next week is going to be a big one. it promises to bring even more turmoil. be ready to handle what is expected to be a delusion of consumers signing up for subsidized care online. will policies even be correctly priced? will kids get coverage and will young people sign up? that is critical. we have to have young people signing up for the whole thing doesn't work. i was trying to think of another public policy implementation that compares to the debacle
7:00 pm
that obamacare is looking like. frankly, i can't think of much. my advice is buckle your seatbelt. it is going to be a bumpy ride. that is my "two cents more". that's it for tonight's "willis report", thank you for joining us, do not forget to tape the show if you can't catch a fly. have a great night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. thank you for being with us. the obama administration reaching out and the iranian regime rushed them aside. no handshake, no photo opportunity between the united nations, no one official meetings on the margin. the idea is brought to you by the very same president who gave syria numerous redlines of ultimatums before finally putting the decision in whether to attack syria up to a vote in congress. mr. obama has wags his finger, more than just a few ultimatums as well. he refuses to meet with republicans and doesn't reach redlines f


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